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Walk towards fitness with Skechers Shape-Ups Business Articles | August 25 Wholesale Russell Wilson Jersey , 2010
Walk towards fitness with Skechers Shape-Ups Did you ever dream that fitness could be yours by simply wearing shoes? Only an overweight person would value a natural smart look that could ma...

Walk towards fitness with Skechers Shape-Ups

Did you ever dream that fitness could be yours by simply wearing shoes? Only an overweight person would value a natural smart look that could make people turn their heads. The question arises how to achieve that look? Sometimes just conforming to a healthy diet plan is not sufficient and one has to bring some other changes in the lifestyle as well. How about seeking help of weight loss shoes that have become increasingly popular amongst the fitness trends? Skechers Shape-Ups readily provide an effective alternative as you could lose calories when you walk in them.

Skechers Shape-Ups make use of some solid science principles to facilitate weight loss. When you wear these shoes, it feels as if you are walking on sand which according to fitness experts contributes to getting in shape. A person can become off balance while walking on sand thus engaging more muscles and this is exactly what the makers of Skechers Shape-Ups intend also. The rocker design of the sole in these specialized shoes ensures use of more muscles. You feel as if you are standing on top of a mattress or walking on stilts. This way the additional muscles in your mid section, thighs Wholesale Elvis Andrus Jersey , calves or feet are used up.

Not only a loss in weight is achieved with Skechers but they also help improve your gait while also firming down your mid section. Regular use of these shoes could relieve tension and back pain besides toning up the muscles in your legs and calves. Be cautioned though that your leg muscles might turn sore on the first few times you wear them. They are not meant for jogging and you should use them to walk up and down hills if you want to really burn your calories.

Get a pair of Skechers Shape-Ups this summer and walk your way towards being fit.

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Apps For Tapping Customer Loyalty Technology Articles | April 6, 2013
There is hardly anything new about customer loyalty programs. Retailers like Starbucks and airline carriers have since long been offering rewards to entice customers. However, with the mainstream adoption of smartphones and tablets Wholesale Hunter Pence Jersey , even small businesses can now look to leverage customer loyalty by building affordable mobile app solutions.

Loyalty apps like Belly, LevelUp, and Pirq already offer customized Wholesale Asdrubal Cabrera Jersey , low-cost solutions for rewarding power users. These provide opportunities to create way more effective customer loyalty programs than reward cards--which are anything but out of the ordinary.

With smartphone becoming the new go-to device worldwide, consumer loyalty can?t anymore be measured by accounting for user purchasing. Businesses are realizing that social engagement is a big factor, and customers need to be rewarded for their social efforts as well.

This is where a loyalty mobile app can make a world of difference to your business.? To begin with Wholesale Joey Gallo Jersey , you can reward consumers better by tying in with their credit or debit cards, and popping up QR codes on their screens every time a purchase is made. These codes credit a user on the purchase and are redeemed at the time of payment.

The same principle applies to social sharing wherein consumers can be rewarded for sharing deals within their circle.? Further, your mobile app can also make for better customer service by helping users keep track of their loyalty points.

Many businesses have also found apps like Belly quite productive in tapping customer loyalty. Customers using Belly on their smartphone can pull up QR codes straight out of the app and validate it against the merchant?s iPad.

If QR codes and scanners don?t quite go with your business Wholesale Rougned Odor Jersey , take a cue from Perka, a business app that validates purchases on a virtual punch card. Points earned on the purchase are put on the card, which is then ?punched? to redeem rewards back to the buyer. The program works on any web-enabled device Wholesale Nolan Ryan Jersey , though Perka provides its own iPods for a good measure.

The surge in mobile adoption has created an environment where integration of in-store, mobile, and online experiences is becoming increasingly integral to drive customer loyalty. With mobile apps Wholesale Adrian Beltre Jersey , businesses are continuously bridging the gap between loyalty programs of the past and the current loyalty requirements.

No matter if your small business caters to a very niche market segment, you still need to ensure that customer loyalty is well rewarded. Join us at www.softwaredevelopersindia? for working out an integrated loyalty solution built seamlessly into your small business app. To know more, email or call 408 802 2885.

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